Bizcon provides executives and operational managers with the ability to understand, discover, align and control information at the enterprise level.
Our goal is to support organizations in the Nordics by providing professional services, market leading IT solutions and well proven methodologies based on international standards. By using these methodologies and IT solutions, organizations are able to gain the competitive edge at the market.

borsen gazelle pos M 190pxAs part of Denmark’s growth elite, Bizcon has achieved the Danish Gazelle Award in 2011, 2015 and 2016. 

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ACL Authorized distributor in the Nordics

As the Nordic Channel Partner of ACL solutions Bizcon has the experience and resources to distribute and support enterprise solutions across the entire Nordic region. ACL Services Ltd is the leading global provider of Audit Analytics and data driven GRC software for audit and controls professionals as well as the financial management community.

Among ACL's customers are 85% of Fortune 500, more than two thirds of Global 500, 76 of EuroTop 100, 95 of Fortune 100, all Big 4 accounting firms and hundreds of national, state and local governments - in total more than 215,000 licensed users throughout 150 countries.

Nordic Partner Mega International

Mega International gathers a network of more than 1,000 fully trained professionals capable of delivering MEGA HOPEX solutions anywhere in the world.

Bizcon plays an important role in extending the reach of MEGA HOPEX, broadening solution offerings and providing local support for customers in the Nordics. Our consultants use MEGA HOPEX to help define, implement, monitor and improve enterprise architecture and processes. As the Nordic partner of Mega International Bizcon has long term experience and resources to deliver MEGA HOPEX solutions across the entire Nordic region.

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Nordic Partner Minit

As the Nordic partner of Minit we understand how Minit fits into any industry or business and are able to help you implement it into your company.

Minit is a spinoff from GRADIENT ECM, an international IT company developing award-winning document capture and process mining solutions. Minit's mission is to make complicated processes transparent and provide actionable process insights to companies in every industry sector.

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Our German partners

dab:GmbH is our German partner. 

Active in the field of data analytics and with a baseline of “Changing data into knowledge” they help us provide skilled expertise for our SAP® customers, e.g. Internal Audit departments, Compliance, Accounting and Controlling.

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The cornerstone of Bizcon's success is demonstrated in the abilty of our customers to quickly show value. Through close cooperation with our customers we indentify their key concerns, empower them to be the master of their own solutions and equip them with the right tools.

Quotes ACL:


"Vestas has gone from sample testing to testing 100% of the data population automatically, which means analyzing 200 million transactions every month."


"ACL has been a great help for Danfoss Internal Audit. By running systematic data analysis that points out defects and lacking controls in the Danfoss transactions we can now set up preventive controls. This ensures avoidance of similar issues in the future and results in a permanent improvement of the controls which has an even greater value than the individual issues that ACL helped identify. Because the size of the data population is so big, and a company the size of Danfoss will have some – even if a small percentage - irregularities , the ACL investment was paid back within a very short time after implementing it."

"Our audit processes are now on average 30-40% more efficient with ACL GRC enabling wider coverage of each audit and many more findings and recommendations".

Novo Nordisk

"Investing in ACL Direct Link to extract data out of SAP is one of the most valuable investments we have made in our audit analytics setup".


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  • Industrivej 44B
  • DK-4000 Roskilde
  • CVR: DK28499450
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The goal of Bizcon is to support organizations in the Nordics by providing professional services, tools and well proven methodologies based on international standards.


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