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Mega Suite enables and empowers business and IT owners to drive strategy and improve performance of the modern enterprise in the following areas:

  • MEGA Business Process Management - Provides the needed capabilities for modeling, analyzing, documenting and improving business processes as well as organizational structures
  • MEGA Enterprise Architecture - Ensures a constant overview and helps businesses and IT obtain the right balance between cost optimization, risk management and capacity for innovation
  • MEGA IT Portfolio Management - Covers all steps in the application portfolio optimization and transformation process. Can be customized to any organization
  • MEGA Governance, Risk & Compliance - For discovering, governing and controlling risk as well as managing and reacting appropriately on compliance incentives


  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

Business architects are responsible for making sure that all stakeholders have a shared understanding of their organization’s strategy, and that resources are allocated judiciously so as to minimize risk – while creating an agile, high-performance enterprise that can compete in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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Align business operations with your overall strategy

Our solution gives you a clear, consolidated view of your strategy, organizational structure, business processes, and assets through detailed, documented descriptions of all these elements. The information can be displayed in either list or graphical form, and can help you align your assets with the goals and tactics set forth by senior management. The solution can also make sure that your organizational structure, business processes, and IT projects fit in with your overall strategy in a coherent manner.

A collaborative workspace and shared repository bring all information together in a single database, making it easier for all stakeholders to play an active role. Stakeholders can access a consolidated view of your organization through a web-based interface tailored to the needs of each user profile. This ensures everyone has the same understanding of your strategy, organizational structure, and business processes. These features work together to help you align business operations with your strategic goals, make sure they stay aligned, and make adjustments when necessary.


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Track strategy implementation through capabilities

Because our solution provides clear, reliable information to all stakeholders, everyone is sure to understand your organization’s strategy and goals. This information is communicated across your organization via a web-based interface tailored to each user profile, encouraging all stakeholders to play an active role in strategy implementation – while taking into account business capabilities, constraints, costs, and deadlines. And because our solution lets you track key indicators related to strategy, agility, performance, risks, and controls, you can check whether your strategy is being executed according to plan on a daily basis.


Effectively manage organizational transformation

Our solution gives you the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions about your organization’s strategy and the underlying projects. Because all information is consolidated into a shared repository, the data used to generate reports and dashboards are consistent and reliable – allowing you to select projects based on cost and strategic risk criteria. Our solution also lets you create and manage a portfolio of business initiatives. Features enabling you to assess your target organizational structure, business processes, and potential projects help you make sure that they are all supporting your strategic goals. These features all work together to guarantee that your strategy is implemented effectively – and produces the desired results.


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MEGA Enterprise Architecture (EA) solutions provide you with the tool you need to obtain a comprehensive overview of your organization and help you design and implement agile information systems, streamlined business processes, and optimized operating frameworks aligned with your business strategies.
MEGA EA 2We built upon our initial offering of modeling tools to develop a range of advanced analytical and management solutions to help you set up an effective operational governance system that optimizes operations and mitigates risks.

Our enterprise architecture solutions − lauded by industry analysts around the world – use a proven methodology based on the best practices set forth by industry organizations and standards-setting bodies. They leverage our extensive experience helping customers carry out successful enterprise architecture projects.


Our 3 Enterprise Architecture solutions can set your organization on the path to continuous improvement

Business Architecture

MEGA’s business architecture solution lets you describe, understand, and optimize your organizational structure, business processes, and assets, enabling you to:

  • Align business operations with your overall strategy
  • Track strategy implementation through capabilities
  • Effectively govern organizational transformation

Application Architecture

MEGA’s application architecture solution lets you describe, structure, and optimize your information system architecture, enabling your organization to:

  • Obtain a comprehensive overview of your IT assets
  • Set up effective information system governance
  • Develop the target information system architecture and plan the necessary transformation

Application BluePrint

MEGA’s application blueprint solution lets you identify business needs, translate them into IT requirements, and outline the corresponding application specifications, enabling your organization to:

  • Ensure that you have an accurate representation and documentation of your application architecture
  • Seamlessly integrate your applications and SAP solutions into your existing information system architecture
  • Cut development costs and boost the efficiency of information system design projects


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MEGA’s IT Portfolio Management solution helps you inventory, assess and transform the applications that make up your information system, allowing you to:

  • Simplify and lower the cost of your application portfolio
  • Better manage risks and ensure information system compliance
  • Tailor your application portfolio to your business challenges


MEGA IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) offering can help your IT department provide your internal divisions with more efficient, responsive services. It can also help control costs, reduce the complexity of deployed assets, and ensure that your information systems meet regulatory requirements.


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 MEGA Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solution helps you set up a comprehensive risk and internal control management system based on the three lines of defense model – internal control, risk management and compliance, and internal audit – for optimized operations.

The MEGA governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions are built on a belief that the key to success for any organization is an efficient, well-executed operating model. When part of a broader operational governance strategy, GRC practices ensure continuous oversight and help businesses strike the right balance between cost optimization, risk management, and capacity for innovation. 

In addition to mapping your risks and internal controls, our approach will show you how key elements of your organization interact and give you a clear, shared vision of your operating model.
This will enable you to make better-informed decisions, ensure that the right control systems are in place, and pool stakeholders’ efforts so they are all working towards the same goal.


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