Maximum Transparency in the SAP Authorization Concept

Webinar – 22nd of June | 10 am CEST Register A good SAP authorization concept protects companies against unauthorized access or circumvention of the 4-eyes principle and is the basis for risk-based SAP compliance. But how do I ensure as a company that each employee only carries out transactions that correspond to his or her role […]

Easy transformation thanks to a connected enterprise architecture

Enterprise Architecture Enterprises regularly face incidents and disruptions like crises, new technology, legislation, business opportunities etc. Future-proof companies must be agile and resilient to stay competitive in an uncertain world. They must adapt faster and plan changes over time. The changes may be driven by innovation, regulatory compliance, or refinement of existing practices in an […]

5 Ways Process Mining and RPA Complement Each Other

Process Mining There are some misconceptions in cyberspace about process mining and another new technology, robotic process automation (RPA). Let’s clarify things and learn more about how these two technologies work together to improve ROI. First, here are the basic definitions of process mining and RPA: Process mining means gaining insights into business processes through […]

The Role of the Board of Directors in Corporate Governance

Board Governance, GRC with Automation Running a company’s business requires a combination of people, rules, processes, and procedures. This is how we define corporate governance. Corporate governance provides the foundation for a company to make many environmentally friendly decisions, including economic, social, regulatory and market environments. Corporate governance has its roots in ethical behavior and […]

How to Build a Business Case for Process Mining

Process Mining A well-defined business case is the first step in deploying process mining software to your organization. A business case is a detailed justification for why a project is worth doing, both in terms of economic benefits and human resources. Introducing new technologies to the complex web of event logs, IT systems, and workflows […]

Elevate your Enterprise Architecture to make a difference

Enterprise Architecture A recent Gartner survey shows that Enterprise Architecture practices are delivering business value, but how much value exactly do they provide? An investment in IT should not only maintain the status quo. If you focus on delivering tangible results back to the business, you can elevate your EA practice and increase the outcome. […]

Top Trends in Governance, Risk and Compliance for 2022

GRC with Automation Over the past year, companies across industries have navigated diversity, equity and inclusion issues, managed intensifying cyber risk, and operated in a business environment that’s increasingly remote and increasingly focused on stakeholder capitalism. This has put a heightened focus on governance, risk and compliance (GRC). How have companies – and their boards […]

5 Best Practices to Optimize the Relationship between Enterprise Architecture and Compliance

GRC with Automation There’s currently a debate about whether compliance should be subsumed into a singular risk function. While compliance risk is part of a complete risk function, it needs to be separate and its risk assessment process independently managed.  To transform the business and ensure compliance Spar Nord needed a solution that could provide an overview of […]

How Spar Nord Bank built a business architecture to handle risk and compliance

Integrated GRC Back in 2012, documentation of processes in Spar Nord was not centralized. This resulted in a lot of gaps. Different company departments, and even individual teams, had their own processes. This prevented management from getting a comprehensive picture of the bank’s processes and their interdependencies as well as maintaining them.To transform the business […]

How the European Investment Bank transformed their GRC system

Integrated GRC Objective: To transform the system of governance, risk and compliance During the GRC session of MEGA’s first EA & Risk Exchange virtual conference, Mr. Johnny Benavides, Head of Internal Control and Operational Risk Prevention of EIB, shared his experience within transformation of internal control. The EIB (European Investment Bank) is an EU institution […]