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“A GRC platform should help you provide better assurance and not just be a container for information”

Working in Risk, Compliance, Internal Audit or Internal Controls and want to work more efficiently, then an automated GRC platform is key. Benefit from:

  • Automated workflows
  • Automated risk & controls assessments
  • Automated reporting


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"The first year we ran our projects [using HighBond], we identified about $14.7 million of risk items. [This] has gone down significantly to about $794,000, which is good for us—it means that, through our analytics, we’re able to enact changes within the processes."

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Cecilia Sjögren
Director OF Internal Controls & Process Development

"The HighBond GRC solution has taken Internal Control and Risk Management of ARJO to a higher level and enabled us to work in a more structured and formalized way."

“We appreciate the user-friendliness and the flexibility and are happy that the previous workload with Excel files and manual reminders has gone.

Even though HighBond has a wide range of facilities, we decided to go slowly and successfully implemented the system within a very short time frame. Initially, the system covers independent tests of controls, keeping all scripts and documentation, generating audit reports, and executing the annual Control Self-Assessment by assessing all entities via a questionnaire instead of Excel.

We feel confident moving ahead and looking forward to rolling out HighBond in more sections of Internal Control and across other functions of Arjo.”


Audit efficiencies & centralized workflow

The Epiroc Audit team automated risk assessments, enabled offline data gatehring, and made Audit reporting easier with HighBond.