Create a Culture of

Ensure compliance across the organization, and empower employees to make more ethical choices.

Create a Culture of
Compliance & Ethics

Help employees understand and comply with internal policies

Seamlessly evaluate, onboard, monitor and manage third parties

Surface the real-time data your board and C-suite need to make better decisions


Empower Employees
to Make the Right Decisions​

Seamlessly manage the tools to inform, educate and document the path to ethical business decisions.
  • Give employees the clarity and transparency to embrace corporate policies
  • Deliver powerful microlearning content
  • Easily manage conflicts of interest and foster a speak-up culture
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Ensure Ethical Conduct of
Partners & Vendors

Seamlessly evaluate, onboard and monitor third parties throughout the entire supply and value chain.
  • Easily screen and onboard partners, vendors and other third parties
  • Conduct risk-based due diligence
  • Monitor relevant risk data in real time

Maximize Compliance
Risk Mitigation

Stay on top of obligations, prioritize your response and easily demonstrate compliance to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Continuously monitor the performance of key compliance controls to identify issues before they impact your program
  • Reduce costly and inefficient duplication in your compliance procedures and controls
  • Deliver on-demand executive and operational assurance

Stay on Top of Sanctions

Minimize the impact of changing sanctions and keep up to speed with dynamic situations.
  • Access up-to-date sanctions lists that regularly reflect new changes as they’re issued by authorities
  • Mitigate supply chain and merchant risk exposure by continuously monitoring global media for potential sanctions
  • Screen against more than 1,400 sanctions, embargoes, politically exposed persons (PEP) and government watch lists
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