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Control your business

The software solutions of Diligent are for transforming audit, compliance, and risk management to give organizations unprecedented control over their business

Strengthen your governance with a cloud-based, data-driven security, risk-management, compliance and audit platform

HighBond is made up of a number of different products, each covering a different area of your organizational governance. All together, they create a collective software platform, that brings together security, risk management, compliance, and audit professionals in your organization.

By working in one platform, you’ve got a single source of truth for the entire organization. And by connecting to, harmonizing, normalizing, and analyzing data across the organization, you’ll get actionable insights and answers to important questions.

  • Get the answers that drive strategic change
  • Rally everyone around a single source of truth
  • Lean on industry best practices and expert design
  • Focus on professional development and growth

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You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you are performing analytics!

The AnalyticSuite is a large portfolio of pre-defined analyses for  SAP®-based data. A click of a button provides you with results you can use immediately.


Purchasing, Accounts payable, Sales orders, Deliveries, FI & GL, Accounts receiveable, Asset accounting, Vendor master data, Customer master data, Billing documents, Material master, material movements, User & Authorizations, SAP® system settings

Key areas:

Internal control system, Incorrect entries, Compliance, Data quality, Fraud prevention, Process analyses, Cash recovery, Fraud detection, Tax, Audit, SoD
The AnalyticSuite is optimised for SAP® and offers fully transparent documentation. It includes simple data compressions along with complex, multi-step analyses.
Output is available as data printouts, graphics and visualisations, or KPIs and KRIs.



Business-critical SAP® applications hold a gold mine of powerful information waiting to be uncovered 

With “SAP Connector” – the SAP certified data extraction add-on by Galvanize – you can access the latest business suite by SAP.

SAP Connector allows you to access traditional SAP ERP and SAP CRM applications as well as SAP SRM, SAP SCM and SAP EWM applications.

– Access to difficult to acquire information
– Secure and trusted
– Minimizes impact on SAP performance
– Easy to use
– Powerful

Material expenses and revenues flow through SAP. In order to provide risk assurance for your executives, board, or oversight committee, you can’t rely on pre-built reports or built-in tests. You need the ability to access all of the data, at any time, to respond to changing risks and provide immediate answers to new questions.

Increases productivity by allowing teams to securely access SAP data for analysis
Read-only queries on the SAP data for which users are authorized
Automatically formats SAP data for use with ACL Robotics Professional / Team Edition.

Connect to any data, analyze any risk, and visualize your results with data analytics that integrate with the entire HighBond platform of Galvanize

ACL Robotics is a fully scalable solution, designed so you can start small and upgrade as you grow. 

The ACL Robotics Professional edition is designed for small teams or individuals that need full analytic capabilities but aren’t quite ready for full automation.

It connects you to any data source, and lets you run sophisticated risk analytics and detect anomalies or patterns that you simply can’t illuminate with any amount of random sampling, spreadsheets or generic business intelligence.

  • Runs your data access, reporting, and remediation tasks from beginning to end
  • Reduces the number of tools you need
  • Provides data in real time
  • Frees up your time so you can focus on delivering insights that will have the greatest impact


The ACL Robotics Professional comes with a user platform containing Academy (free online training), Inspirations (hundreds of ideas), ScriptHub (pre-written analytic scripts), pier community and tech support.

Security: Read only on data = data protected against overwriting and changes
Transparency: Personal log file recording all your steps allowing you to track and document results at any time
Future proof: The software is constantly being developed to ensure that it keeps pace with the times