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Control your business

ACL software solutions are for transforming audit, compliance, and risk management to give organizations unprecedented control over their business


Connect to any data, analyze any risk, and visualize your results with data analytics that integrate with the entire ACL platform

ACL™ Analytics connects you to any data source, and lets you run sophisticated risk analytics and detect anomalies or patterns that you simply can’t illuminate with any amount of random sampling, spreadsheet ninjutsu or generic business intelligence. It’s designed for you, the GRC professional. Regardless of your department or assurance role, ACL technology enables you to tackle the areas where data analysis will make a material difference to your organization.

The ACL Analytics solution comes with a user platform containing Academy (free online training), Inspirations (hundreds of ideas), ScriptHub (pre-written analytic scripts), pier community and tech support.

Security: Read only on data = data protected against overwriting and changes
Transparency: Personal log file recording all your steps allowing you to track and document results at any time
Future proof: ACL are constantly developing the software to ensure that it keeps pace with the times


Team collaboration, remote work and continuous monitoring

Make your audit team more productive by consolidating all analytic work and automate repetitive tasks, safe-guarded on a secure server.

You already know that waste and outright fraud hides in the huge volume of transactional data flowing through your organization. But even a team 10x the size of yours couldn’t analyze all that data armed only with disconnected spreadsheets.

ACL™ Analytics Exchange helps you build a centralized platform for collaborative team-based work, build IT-trusted connections to automate data extraction, and create monitoring programs to analyse massive data feeds. Find hidden anomalies and uncover strategic risk that threaten your organization or government agency.

The ACL server version enhances the opportunities offered by the desktop software: it processes data efficiently and automatically via apps directly on the server. Results and documentation are then shared within the team via an authorisation concept – simply via the web browser, with no need to install analytics software. Drill-down to detailed data and state-of-the-art visualisations are deciding factors for convenience and usability.

Performance boost & standardisation by automatic data processing & sharing


The “out of the box” analysis apps for your core business process areas

ACL Essentials is your “easy button” for 24/7 oversight of process risk and health. Focus on real risks instead of hypothesis, and move the needle on performance with meaningful, data-backed insight.

ACL Essentials are a suite of pre-built premium analysis apps that continuously assess risk in your critical ERP processes. The hard stuff is done for you: Essentials ask the questions that uncover material risk, and connect to the right data—to provide 100% coverage 24/7, serving up the oversight you need to investigate, track, trend and report. Each analysis app is running within days, no data skills needed.

Powered by the ACL platform, ACL Essentials continuously monitor your transactional data with little human intervention. There are 13 pre-built process controls available, which you can spin-up at a fraction of the cost, time and effort of traditional ERP process controls. Each is available standalone, or can be bundled in a mix-and-match solution.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you are performing analytics!

The AnalyticSuite is a large portfolio of pre-defined analyses for  SAP®-based data. A click of a button provides you with results you can use immediately.


Purchasing, Accounts payable, Sales orders, Deliveries, FI & GL, Accounts receiveable, Asset accounting, Vendor master data, Customer master data, Billing documents, Material master, material movements, User & Authorizations, SAP® system settings

Key areas:

Internal control system, Incorrect entries, Compliance, Data quality, Fraud prevention, Process analyses, Cash recovery, Fraud detection, Tax, Audit, SoD

The AnalyticSuite is optimised for SAP® and offers fully transparent documentation. It includes simple data compressions along with complex, multi-step analyses.

Output is available as data printouts, graphics and visualisations, or KPIs and KRIs.


Improve efficiency and effectiveness of GRC activities

ACL GRC is an audit management solution with a maximum usability and a minimum implementation effort.

Whether you are dealing with a formal commitment to GRC initiatives, or simply a desire to drive organizational performance, the ACL GRC solution is a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution.

It consists of four integrated modules:

  • Strategy – providing you with a centrally managed holistic view of your risk balance sheet
  • Projects – enabling you to plan, manage, execute and report on your assurance projects in one system
  • Results – providing you with a 360° oversight. Triggered workflow remediation for flagged records helps you collaborate, keep tabs on remediation status and track it all in a single system
  • Reports – easily transforming data into pictures

The ACL GRC integrates seamlessly with ACL on-premise desktop  (ACL™ Analytics) and the server-based risk and control analytics and monitoring solutions (ACL™ Analytics Exchange), providing an end-to-end GRC technology solution for audit, compliance, finance, IT, and risk management.

The solution is Cloud based enabling you to work offline and remote and sync later.