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Digital Transformation

Get full visibility of the stories your data is telling

HOPEX Digital Transformation Platform

The MEGA HOPEX solution guides you through business and IT transformation while reducing the risk of failure.
It provides you with the visibility you need from your business, IT, information and risk data, and show you how they connect to rationalize, upgrade or modernize your organization and IT systems.
With a collaborative platform it supports all stakeholders – from users and practitioners to decision makers involved in the digital transformation.
For the 10th consecutive year, MEGA has been positioned as a leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools.





Sustain IT and business transformation with an integrated and business-driven enterprise architecture practice

Shared Enterprise Operating Model

Enterprise architects and business stakeholders

To provide a digital representation of your organization and its strategy, goals, business processes, and resources.

Mapping and streamlining: Provides a comprehensive overview of your organization to help you design and implement agile IT systems, streamline business processes, and optimize operating frameworks aligned with your business strategies:

  • The strategy and business organization views shed light on your ability to execute
  • The information view is essential for understanding how workflows and dependencies should be adapted both inside and outside your organization
  • The IT view indicates how your information system should change to meet business needs
  • The risk and control view lets you factor in your company’s risk appetite and investment capacity

Decision making and digital transformation: Helps you build coherent transition plans, comparing and prioritising specific action items.

Creating greater value for businesses: Consolidates several different views of your organization enabling you to respond more quickly and deliver greater value to your businesses

Allows executives in charge of business and IT transformation to foresee the impact of their decisions and plan the right actions at the right time based on actionable deliverables.

The MEGA enterprise architecture solutions use a proven methodology based on standards, enterprise architecture frameworks, and best practices set forth by industry organizations and standard-setting bodies.


Deliver improved customer experience and transform your business

Business managers, business analysts or architects

To provide you with the viewpoints, analytics, and decision-making tools you need to get an insight into what needs to be changed in your organization, and the power to take command of your business transformation and improve customer experience. It will help you reshape your operating processes and achieve strategy-to-execution.

3 steps:

Three steps for HOPEX Business Process Analysis

Figure: Three steps for HOPEX Business Process Analysis

  1. Map and personalize the customer journey and rate the experience on each touchpoint
  2. Design processes to improve customer experience
  3. Enrich process models with risks and controls information

By use of business maps such as process models, customer journey maps, business capability maps, ecosystem designs, and assessments the MEGA HOPEX solution generates decision-ready reports and striking data visualizations that enact operational transformation scenarios.


  • Enables you to gain in flexibility and agility and rapidly update products and services to meet new market needs
  • Provides you with an understanding of what risks affect your specific business lines and enables you to prepare mitigation plans
  • Besides providing you with a deeper understanding of how your company runs and helping you design the right business transformation scenarios it also includes process blueprinting, analysis, and optimization capabilities in connection with the deployment of ERPs such as SAP.

The MEGA HOPEX business process analysis solutions support the standards and frameworks of renowned international standards-setting bodies and professional associations such as BPMN, TOGAF, and Archimate, and defense and security systems like NAF, DoDAF, and MODAF.


Streamline IT investments and align them with your business priorities

Five keys to transform your IT portfolio and drive change

Figure: Five keys to transform your IT portfolio and drive change

IT professionals

To optimize and transform your application and technology portfolios to align them with your business priorities and increase agility of your IT systems

3 steps:

  1. Inventory: Create a repository of IT asset data using criteria relevant to your organization
  2. Evaluation: Analyse and assess IT assets through standard and custom reports and dashboards
  3. Transformation: Develop and compare many different transformation plans, and implement the best one


  • Helps you anticipate obsolescence
  • Better plan IT transformation
  • Improve decision making
  • The MEGA HOPEX IT Portfolio Management solution uses a common repository and a collaborative workspace that centrally manages IT asset data and helps users share information and reports.

It incorporates BDNA Technopedia™ to give IT managers a categorized, structured catalogue of software product lifecycles. This feature creates a basis for reliable, consistent data to better track and manage technology obsolescence – and avoid unexpected costs when replacing obsolete technology components.


Manage your company’s strategic and operational risks, internal controls, and regulatory requirements

MEGA's single platform connects all GRC destinations and provides

GRC departments such as Risk Management, Internal Control, Compliance, and Internal Audit


  • To give your top management the critical information it needs to strike the right balance between cost optimization, risk management, and capacity for innovation
  • To effectively manage your operational and IT risks using the three lines of defense model: internal controls, risk management and compliance, and internal audit.

By identifying, monitoring, and managing your most important risks, internal controls, and regulatory compliance issues.


  • Shows you how key elements of your organization interact and give you a clear, shared vision of your assets and how they work together
  • Enables you to make better-informed decisions, ensure that the right systems are in place, and pool stakeholders’ efforts so they are all working towards executing your strategy
  • Enables you to leverage synergies among different departments

The MEGA HOPEX governance, risk, and compliance solutions incorporate the recommendations and best practices set forth in international standards issued by industry organizations, such as the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG).