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RPA - Robotics Process Automation

Humans + bots = improved business outcome

Robotic Process Automation

About RPA

The RPA technology lets you configure software to capture, imitate and integrate actions of human beings interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. Scenarios range from handling high-volume, repetitive tasks to deploying thousands of “bots” each programmed to automate jobs in a system.

Examples of bots are: IT Services, Call Center, Data Management, Accounts Payable etc.

The purpose of RPA

For many organizations RPA might have limited impact on top-line growth if the organization focus on labour reduction instead of improving business outcomes.
RPA should be used for optimizing how work gets done – by humans working with bots – across the enterprise. In this way you can automate tasks, streamline processes, increase productivity (resulting in a quick ROI), and deliver better customer experience.

Bizcon – your superior RPA partner…

To decide whether RPA is suitable for your organization you need to look at your business as a whole.
You also need to look at the entire business process from analysing whether your business can benefit from RPA to designing your new business processes and implementing your RPA solution.

By building an Enterprise Automation Roadmap (EAR) we highlight the places where manual re-entering and consolidation of data takes place to identify the RPA candidates. We also tell you whether the business process would need to include people and/or require a combination of solutions.

We have all the SOLUTIONS and CONSULTANCY you will need for the entire implementation project


  • Your RPA implementation will be aligned with your manual and digital business processes
  • Gives you a better value of RPA
  • Reduces costs & risks
  • Reduces the RPA implementation time
  • Results in a more robust RPA implementation

RPA Solution

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