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Software Intelligence

Shed light on your portfolio’s health, potential savings,
and software risk

Make the invisible visible and minimize software risks with the CAST Software Intelligence solution

CAST Highlight is a leading SaaS Digital Readiness Platform that consolidates Software Intelligence to track hidden risks in your custom and open source software. It provides you with an understanding of software architecture, end to end transaction flows and data access patterns. It helps you work confidently and faster and make changes to components and business processes


How does it work?


How does CAST works

Be digital ready, Protect your business, Accelerate time to market

Software Health: With Highlight you can quickly and objectively measure software health, risks, complexity and cost of your application portfolio. It provides you with exclusive insight into application strengths and weaknesses before any investment, rationalization or retirement decision is made on an IT asset.

Cloud Readiness: Scan your entire portfolio in only days and build your smart Cloud Migration Roadmap with fact-based software analytics. Find PaaS quick wins, avoid obstacles that slow migration and ensure applications moving to the cloud are structurally sound.

Open Source Risk: Take control of third-party components and open source software to mitigate license & security risks. On average, an application uses more than 200 open source components. While it helps developers implement features faster, you need to keep control of these third-party components by continuously identifying, measuring and qualifying them.

Private Data Protection with CAST Automated Data Processing Register (ADPR): Highlight detects those applications that are using sensitive data and builds an exhaustive inventory of all their features and how they process sensitive data. This allows you to decide which processing needs to be modified, documented or enriched with consent. It provides IT with an actionable and trackable plan to remediate unexpected interactions, security violations and database changes.

Prioritize Business Critical Applications: Highlight captures business context metrics to help you quickly identify which apps to focus on first to address open source risk.

The CAST Highlight Software Intelligence platform can be integrated with our HOPEX IT Portfolio Management
solution to provide visibility into your IT portfolio.
This provides you with secure objective and comprehensive insights such as cloud readiness, software resiliency
and health factors tied to software codes in the IT portfolio to support business transformation and streamline your
IT portfolio.