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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Future-proof your organization using a connected enterprise architecture approach that joins strategy, business, risk, data, and IT perspectives together on a single source of truth.

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Integrated GRC

Integrated GRC

Provide visibility across business processes, IT assets, and data in one GRC platform presenting contextual risks to increase the efficiency and velocity of risk identification and management.

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GRC with Automation

GRC with Automation

Streamline and automate critical workflows to increase your team’s collaboration, and deliver real-time insights to support low-effort, data-driven decision-making.

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Board Governance

Board Governance

An agile board management solution optimized for governance leaders with the right tools, analytics, and insights to drive more efficient, transparent, and secure governance.

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Process Mining

Process Mining

Uncover opportunities for continuous process improvement and higher operational efficiency by transforming the way you analyze, monitor, and optimize business processes.

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Enterprise architecture

Next-Gen solution to accelerate business transformation

Build a digital representation of your enterprise by connecting business, IT, data, and risk perspectives in a single platform to share a single source of truth. Derive actionable insights and collaborate with stakeholders to align on your company’s business objectives and demonstrate the immediate business value of your projects. Seamlessly integrate the HOPEX Platform into your digital ecosystem for faster time-to-value.
Integrated GRC

Federate your GRC activities to enhance operational resilience

We provide Risk, Compliance, and Audit professionals with a simple to use and modern user interface, to manage risks, compliance requirements, and audits in real-time using a collaborative and streamlined approach to enhance operational efficiency and resiliency.

GRC with Automation

Build Resiliency into
your Organization

Strategically manage risk, demonstrate compliance, and provide executives with visibility, assurance, and confidence. Reduce the cost of managing your GRC programs, save time, and prevent errors with a unified platform.
Board Governance

Empowering Leaders in
Board Management

BoardEffect addresses board management needs of directors, executives, and administrators with the preferred tools to enable better communication and collaboration while fueling efficiency at every turn. The functionality and workflows of BoardEffect are designed to support boards as they manage the responsibilities inherent within these complex, mission-critical cycles.
Process Mining

Unbiased, objective

Uncover hidden connections and causalities in process data & investigate where and why problems occur.
Easily check how your process is complying with the pre-set rules. Score process performance & stay alerted to learn if your operational KPIs and standards are met.

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Whether you want insight into your organizations transaction data to ensure financial integrity and compliance, looking to detect or prevent fraud or want to take the next step towards workspace optimization with smart sensing technology that improves your business and employee health, our solutions and consultants are able to assist in unlocking the truth hidden in your data.

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