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With best-of-breed professional services and world-leading solutions, we enable customers to make the right strategic and tactical decisions in their digital transformation.

Why delay a project because you are not sure where to start?

Whether it’s about expanding a new use case or improving your present solution, there is no better team to work with than the people working with the platform every day.

We empower you and your organization to deliver value by applying best-in-class technology: Appropriate methods, best practice approaches, and most important: experienced consultants who believe in our core values:


Professional Services

Enterprise Architecture

Step into the
Digital World!

Years of experience enable our consultants to configure your solution to your specific requirements from the first step towards business transformation to building a solid foundation for future projects.

  • Assessing your present stage by analyzing your BPM and APM procedures
  • Defining, installing and testing the right architecture for your environment
  • Continue your standards of ongoing board education utilizing the Resource Library as a repository for educational materials. It’s a critical element in the board development cycle.
  • Tuning your solution for the best scalability and optimal performance
  • Training
Data Analytics

Our goal is to help you
Achieve yours!

Whether you have just started out with your data analytics solution or you have an advanced team our professional consultants can guide you towards your goals.

  • Data migration and software implementation (set up of templates, migration of data source system, mapping of processes and activities, migration of content from existing tools to ACL)
  • Process automation of risk and controls, workflows, analytics, exception management and reporting
  • Data analytics as a service
  • Creation of custom analytics adapted to your needs
  • Enablement services based on your priorities, processes and challenges
Process Mining

The truth is already in your data,
just waiting to be unlocked!

With the Bizcon highly qualified consultants and our Process Mining platform, it is a matter of days to process data and produce results.

  • Planning & scoping based on your goal and resources
  • Data extraction from one or more systems
  • Data processing – preparation of data for process mining
  • Process mining and analysis – visualizing and investigating processes/flows
  • Reporting – generating report e.g. including short workshop with management
  • Project management – scoping, planning, resource coordination, ensure deliveries
  • Training – how to use Minit, general best practice principles
Audit, Compliance and Risk Management

Turn Risk into a
Competitive advantage

Our customer enablement team empower you with best practices to match strategic objectives with technical necessities and provide you with a real time strategic insight that helps you master your risks.

  • Align on strategic risk
  • Simplify operational complexity
  • Manage results all in one place
  • Reporting insight
  • Training
Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance

Build a
Sustainable process

Our consultants are experts in helping you implementing operational governance policies to identify, monitor and balance your most important risks and balance internal controls with business objectives.

  • Identify, evaluate and prioritize risks to define risk remediation plans
  • Integrate risk management into IT and business transformation scenarios
  • Design and implement an internal control system aligned with the business transformation strategy
  • Training

Why Choose Us

With best-of-breed professional services and world-leading solutions, we enable customers to make the right strategic and tactical decisions in their digital transformation.

As part of Denamrk’s growth elite Bizcon achieved the Danish Gazelle Award in 2011, 2015 and 2016 and the IT Gazelle for Zealand 2016.

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