Securing Your Digital Landscape with Nordea

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An insightful presentation by Francis Bell, Head of Enterprise Architecture Methods & Platforms at Nordea, on their success journey with HOPEX over the years.

In this presentation, Francis discusses the application governance and data management initiatives undertaken at Nordea, with a focus on their experiences, challenges, and strategies. He highlights the importance of application governance due to multiple issues such as Legacy Banks, application decommissioning, and acquisitions and others.

Francis emphasizes the need to define and consolidate information models for applications. To achieve this, Nordea developed a rulebook with attributes, ensuring governance of each application field. They differentiated between applications and components, with applications providing functionality and components serving as interfaces or reports. This approach facilitated functional discussions and reduced the complexity of comparisons based on technology. 

Francis elaborates on the interaction between architects, application managers, and compliance functions, as he emphasizes the importance of compliance bodies, like GDPR and information security teams, in driving the maintenance and accuracy of application data. He goes on to demonstrate how Nordea used the information model to evaluate security and compliance scores, enhancing application ownership transparency.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to experience Nordea’s approach to maintaining an operational view of application data while accommodating design-oriented architectural documentation. They describe the need to strike a balance between these two aspects, ensuring that application owners are motivated to maintain accurate data while architects can design new solutions based on reliable¬† information.

Overall, the presentation sheds light on the challenges faced by organizations in managing application data and the strategies employed to ensure accurate, functional, and compliant information. It underscores the collaboration between different stakeholders and the innovative use of HOPEX to drive effective governance and data management practices.

See the presentation below: