Ensure compliance through Enterprise Architecture

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An informative presentation by Per Østergaard Nielsen, Director Management System Excellence at Danfoss, on Danfoss’ success journey with HOPEX over the years.

In this informative video, Per highlights the significance of implementing an effective management system in businesses, which can readily adapt to changes in organizational structure and business processes. He underscores the importance of scalability, making small adjustments, and seamless implementation.

Per also shares his company’s successful integration of a competitor’s business within a short period due to their efficient processes. 

Furthermore, you have a chance to learn first-hand about the significance of a well-defined operating model that encompasses traffic compliance across the enterprise, rather than depending solely on enterprise architecture. Per also acknowledges that while value streams and business capabilities are crucial, their introduction to stakeholders may not be necessary, in Danfoss’ case.

Find out about the importance of an adaptable and scalable management system to ensure business success amid changing circumstances. Watch the video to see the essential points made and get valuable insights  enterprise architecture!