Create a strategic business transformation roadmap.

Capture strategic objectives

Incorporate the organization’s vision, objectives, strategy, and tactics to ensure projects support corporate initiatives.

Map value streams and customer journeys

Use value streams to communicate how the organization expects to deliver value and adopt a user-centric perspective by mapping your customers’ journeys.

Plan business capabilities

Map your current and future business capabilities, link them to value streams and customer journeys, and assess their strategic criticality.

Define enterprise roadmap

Create a transformation roadmap to communicate how IT helps the business to succeed by making the best use of technology resources.

Business Architecture & Strategy Execution

Managing Risk
Scaling the Practice

HOPEX Business Architecture helps you study, envision and plan your corporate strategy and align it with the different layers of your Enterprise Architecture.

Get data-driven
Simplify collaboration and ensure alignment, collect and analyze information, and get actionable insights with a smart, automated, and connected platform.

Start by capturing business objectives, identify which capabilities are needed to reach them, and then define a clear transformation roadmap to communicate how processes, applications and systems will evolve to deliver value.

Accelerate the delivery of your projects with

Out of the box

Connect HOPEX to your organization’s eco-system with open APIs and out-of-box integrations and accelerate the onboarding of your projects.