Why do EA projects fail?

Download, EA, Resource Unlock the secrets to why most Enterprise Architecture (EA) projects don’t see the light of day of success, directly from the insights of Lorne Clark, a titan in the field with over 18 years of experience at MEGA International. What’s the colossal mistake that almost everyone makes but hardly anyone talks about? […]

Securing Your Digital Landscape with Nordea

Download, EA An insightful presentation by Francis Bell, Head of Enterprise Architecture Methods & Platforms at Nordea, on their success journey with HOPEX over the years. In this presentation, Francis discusses the application governance and data management initiatives undertaken at Nordea, with a focus on their experiences, challenges, and strategies. He highlights the importance of […]

Three (3) Steps to Achieving Agile Scalability through Enterprise Architecture

Improving Agile Development with Just-in-Time Intentional Architecture In today’s dynamic market, organizations need to optimize their IT, operations, and development while facing challenges such as development silos and disconnected Agile and EA. EA is a key component to providing guidance to Agile developments. It starts by architecting business architecture and planning activities, then designing the […]

The Importance of Compliance with Industry Standards with Danfoss Drives

EA As companies strive to maintain their competitive edge, compliance with industry standards has become more important than ever. One such standard that has gained popularity is the ISO 9001. While this standard is well-known, many companies, particularly those in the automotive industry, have started adopting the IATF 6949 as their compliance standard. For organizations […]

Ensure compliance through Enterprise Architecture

EA An informative presentation by Per Østergaard Nielsen, Director Management System Excellence at Danfoss, on Danfoss’ success journey with HOPEX over the years. In this informative video, Per highlights the significance of implementing an effective management system in businesses, which can readily adapt to changes in organizational structure and business processes. He underscores the importance […]

Internal Control and Compliance Guide

Five (5) steps to help you comply with regulations while driving operational improvements Efficient risk management can drive efficiency and resiliency by using a business process-driven approach to GRC. Beyond helping to comply with regulations, this approach can both reduce operational risk and foster agility.  It also provides a consolidated view of your company’s risk […]

Modern Governance – The How To Guide

White paper - Modern Governance

What Is Good Governance? Good governance is maintaining ethical company procedures within legal parameters and making sure that management always has safe access to internal data for decision-making. All of that is possible with diligent. Embrace Virtual Governance – Avoid Intelligence Deficits – Prioritize Diversity & Inclusion – Communicate Sensitive – Information More Securely – Get Organizational […]

Forrester Total Economic Impact of Diligent Board & Leadership Collaboration

Forrester Total Economic Impact of Diligent Board & Leadership Collaboration

Diligent Board led to time savings > $62,000 over 3 years The study – performed by Forrester – shows Cost Savings & Business Benefits enabled by Board & Leadership collaboration. The ability  to access, share,  and discuss confidential information quickly and securely is essential  for business  leaders and the governance  professionals  supporting  them. Forrester interviewed  […]

Governance Maturity Checklist

Governance Maturity Checklist

Future Proof Your Organization To future-proof your organization for challenges ahead, your board performance and composition are key. Digitizing board processes also plays an important role in shifting the time and energy of governance teams from administrative processes to more strategic outputs. Read the checklist, organized into four core competencies of modern governance, that will […]

Board Management Buyer’s Guide

Buyers Guide Board Management

How do you choose the right board portal software? The right board management software can improve governance and board efficiencies while allowing board members to collaborate within a secure platform. When evaluating a board software provider, it’s important to ask questions across these five essential categories: Functionality Security Adoptability Governance Reputation & Support To help […]